IV Shortage

Your IV Solution to a Nationwide Shortage

NextGen Pharmaceuticals has made the commitment to ensure that all of our partners have access to our necessary products during the nationwide shortage and the global COVID-19 pandemic. Our partners have a peace of mind knowing that they have secure access to our lifesaving products regardless of domestic supply chain issues.

Our Sodium Chloride 0.9% Saline IV bags are exclusively accessed by our strategic partners nationwide. Our State-of-the art IV bags have the following key items:

Highly compatible materials

The solution is only in contact with polypropylene. That’s it. No PVC, DEHP, plasticizers, adhesives, or latex.

Designed for a safe and easy handling

Designed with rounded upper and lower corners that
guarantee handling without accidental punctures.

Integrated eyelet support for an easy and safe
handling of the container during the infusion process.

Protected Sterility

Our products include a transparent overwrap to allow visual inspection with peelable opening system

Perforation Safe

Medication and outlet ports designed with rigid and long tubes to avoid perforation due to needle insertion.

Fleboflex ® Technology

Totally collapsible, lightweight, and transparent

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